MYTH Book 1, Act I : "Preludes"

A mystic portal shatters through Earth's skies as the Maestro V'riel materializes from within. Bound on a mission of great importance; locating and escorting several beings of untold power known as Makers back to his home-world, Zithyra.  A vampiric being from V'riel's past re-emerges and quickly sets himself at odds with the Maestro -- threatening to thwart his mission before it can truly begin.

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MYTH Book 2, Act II : "Answers"

V'riel struggles to save innocent lives, thanks to the parting "gift" left by Donjovan -- who also manages to kidnap an innocent as well.  Koz -- an Avatara bound to V'riel assists the Maetro's efforts in the endeavor, but it's a race against time that neither truly has.  Donjovan, meanwhile, seeks to uncover the mystery surrounding his enthralled human -- who may or maynot be among the Makers, he too, seeks.  But what will that mean for Ivan, if he isn't?
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MYTH Book 3, Act III: "Changes" - Part 1

Donjovan finally tracks down one of the Makers he seeks, much to Zander and Kindall's dismay.  V'riel is still recovering from his injuries while Julian and Rich finally have a moment to themselves -- and possibly each other -- or will Julian's sudden Awakening, prove to be a change that neither one of these men cares to admit?

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